Type Block 
Category Decoration 
Stack Size 1
ID statue

Ah, Statues. The lifeblood of any decent temple, garden or palace. A good statue carver, of course, requires a point chisel and a club hammer.


To create a statue, you first need the soul of an innoc... wait no, any soul goes, really. Slay a few monsters until you get an Entity Vita. You can also use player heads to make a statue honouring the person you just killed!

Then take out your point chisel and a club hammer, and shift-right click any opaque block. You can then input the vita into the slot on the left, and manage the sliders until you see what you like.

Remember, though: Bigger statues require more materials. If you want a golden skeleton statue, for example, you will need to place two golden blocks on top of each other, and then shift right click any of the two.